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Land Park and Curtis Park are charming neighborhoods within the city of Sacramento.  Most of the homes in these neighborhoods were built in the 1920s and 1930s, and are very close to downtown Sacramento.  If you ever wanted a neighborhood with lovely Tudor style homes and packed with charm, Land Park and Curtis Park are places you would definitely like to look for homes for sale.

Land Park is located between Interstate 5 to the west, Broadway to the north, Sutterville Road to the south and Freeport Blvd to the east.   Curtis Park is north of Sutterville Road, south of 2nd Avenue, east of Freeport Boulevard, and west of Highway 99.

Land Park’s namesake, William Land Park, is a major city park south of Highway 50 and east of Interstate 5 in South Sacramento.  Land Park is home to the Sacramento Zoo along with the popular children’s theme parks Funderland and Fairy Tale Town.  Additionally, Land Park is the home to the popular Vic’s Ice Cream and Tower Cafe.

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